Rituals & Traditions

This section will guide you through and briefly explain some of the most fascinating aspects of Klingon rituals, traditions and ceremonies.



Age of Ascension – This ceremony marks the attainment of a new level of spirituality for a Klingon warrior. This ritual, also known as the Klingon Rite of Passage.


cha’Dich – defend the one challenged because he or she is denied the right of combat while accused.


Assassination – The assassin is considered to be an honorable profession.


Tea Ceremony – to test one’s bravery. Two friends share poisoned tea decorated with simple flowers.


Death Ritual – The fallen warrior’s eyes were pried open and his comrades gathered around him. Then they “howl”.


The R’uustai – a ceremony in which two individuals bond together to become brothers or sisters.


Mauk-to ‘Vor – Ritual killing of an individual so that his honor can be restored.


Mating Ceremony – “jIH dok” are spoken to one’s mate and other replies “maj dok”. This exchange seals a vow.


Discommendation – The individual loses his or her honor and the family is disgraced for seven generations.



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