Goh Kah Yee 97′

BA(Hons) in Graphic Communication Design

The designer behind all the designs you see here – from newspaper to brochure and magazine. I’m Kah Yee, currently 20 and still learning how to learn the rule like a pro so I can break it like an artist.

Not exactly the firs time in print media, but definitely the first time learning the efforts behind all the publishing print media design. All coursework are tied to one theme – Klingon from Star Trek.

I think that was a good idea because it actually cut down our workloads as we don’t struggle to find different topics and theme for each assignment. And ┬áthen I thought God, I did not watch any of Star Trek and it’s my first time looking at all these “Klingon”, just like everyone else. It’s a very big challenge for people like me who love history but not necessary sci-fi, to figure out what is happening with Klingon and how can I incorporate the design into each assignment ideally.

Here also comes my first time using InDesign, as a slow learner, I believe that I struggle than most of my classmates. On the other hand, still having my bad habit – keep changing design and not being confident enough with myself, I used up too much time and still “running in the same circle”. I also thought that newspaper and any layout design were easy, but I was so wrong! From this module, I truly learn the amount of requirements needed to produce a good design in publishing print media. Although I did fail several time and did not produce a design that meet my own expectation, but I always have to remind myself that this is just the first step, I’m still on my way to become a better designer, and at least this time I try my very best!

Lucky enough, I’m glad that our lecturer guide us through step by step although it took some time but we are able to keep up and done the module in time. Thank you Mr Charles, Mr Hafiz and also Mr Jeffrey for all the patience and teachings, see you again!



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